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I grew up with Chinese Medicine. My parents would boil Chinese herbs and drink them. Now I have Reprise! It's way more convenient and I love the taste.




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See what goes into each Reprise gummy

The best nature has to offer

The quality of a supplement is directly related to the quality of the ingredients sourced: plants and herbs varying from farm to farm, harvest to harvest.

Not all supplements are produced with this in mind, however: a recent investigation conducted by the New York Attorney General’s Office found that less than 20% of herbal supplements contained the plant DNA specified on the label.

Over 100 Years in Herbal Medicine

At Reprise, we’re committed to providing you with a product made from only the purest and most potent ingredients. We share that commitment with our partners at KPC, a fifth-generation Taiwanese family company and a global leader in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Started as a family herb shop in 1892, KPC has turned into a trusted source for herbal medicine, supplying some of the most renowned herb shops in the world. Industry-defining methods have defined their work for over a century of herb sourcing, testing, and extraction — maintaining the highest of standards while continuing to innovate their processes with state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing equipment.

Quality herbs start with growers

When seeking out the finest of a variety of crops the world over, deep and long-standing relationships with farmers and growers are key in ensuring that each crop meets the highest standards in quality, sustainability, and traceability.

Our team is proud to work with suppliers who share that outlook and implement fair pay for all farmers, reliable work conditions, and limited usage of pesticides. All of the farmers we work with also follow the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) guidelines defined by the USDA.

As much as 70% of raw herbs are rejected during the selection process

A series of stringent inspections performed by professional technicians, including species authentication, heavy metal inspection, chemistry analysis, and more.

We perform extensive and thorough testing in the production process as well, with quality assurance checkpoints throughout that adhere to safety standards from the U.S. (including cGMP + HACCP), the E.U., Singapore, and Japan. 

The result: only the most potent herbs end up in our gummies.

Full-spectrum extracts from whole herbs

Like our gummies themselves, our proprietary extraction process combines modern best practices with traditions that have lasted for thousands of years. It takes 5 lbs of raw herbs — mixed in a decoction liquid while the temperature is increased to over 100 degrees Celsius — to produce 1lb of herbal extracts. The results are high-performing, full-spectrum extracts that allow for maximum absorption.

All traditional, evidence-based medicine systems utilizewhole herbs. Unlike standardized extracts, full-spectrum extracts are produced from whole herbs and contain the same ratio of compounds that maintain the same complex interactions between chemical constituents.

Maintaining full potency, from extracts to gummies

Our full-spectrum herbal extracts are immediately prepared into all-natural gummies that preserve potency and require no additives (i.e. dyes, colorants, and preservatives). The precise amount of extract used is a function of formulations from our scientific team, chemical stability, and flavor pairings.

Reprise gummies contain 120mg-150mg of full-spectrum extract per piece — equivalent to 2 cups of herbal tea brewed at home. It's never been easier or tastier to get your daily dose of functional herbs.

Sustainability through past and future methods

Many of the small-scale family farms that supply Reprise employ sustainable practices and grow a diverse array of produce while preserving traditional farming methods. These initiatives produce higher-quality herbs while, crucially, having a positive environmental effect.

Our packaging system, on the other hand, is developed to minimize environmental footprint through non-traditional thinking: Reprise refill pouches use 80% less plastic than typical vitamin bottles and jars when used with our reusable storage tins, which are yours to keep when shipped with your first order.