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Powerful and tasty gummies!

I grew up with Chinese Medicine. My parents would boil Chinese herbs and drink them. Now I have Reprise! It’s way more convenient and I love the taste!

Well worth it

I woke up feeling refreshed and I would definitely get these again in the future. I say that these are very well worth it.

Wake up refreshed

They helped me to get better sleep and the next morning I wake up refreshed. My activity tracker watch even indicates that my sleep stats have improved.

Extracted from
whole herbs



Fruity and

Easiest way to integrate Chinese herbs into your health

Formulated by Harvard doctors

Formulated by Harvard doctors

Meet one of our doctors

Dr. Weidong Lu, MB, PhD, MPH

Dr. Lu is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Professor of Chinese Medicine at the New England School of Acupuncture.

“We love the De-Stress Gummies, which help keep you calm while using antioxidants to heal and protect your skin.”

W Magazine

W Magazine

“We love the De-Stress Gummies, which help keep you calm while using antioxidants to heal and protect your skin.”

Long standing relationships

As much as 70% of raw herbs are rejected during Reprise’s selection process to ensure only the most potent herbs end up in your gummies.

Full-spectrum extraction

Proprietary extraction process mimics how herbs have been extracted for thousands of years, preserving all herbal compounds.

Maintaining full potency

Our full-spectrum herbal extracts are immediately prepared into all-natural gummies that preserve potency and require no additives.

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More questions

Yes, all Reprise gummies are vegan and do not contain animal products such as gelatin.

We partner with a fifth-generation Taiwanese family company who have been sourcing and processing the highest-quality Chinese herbs since 1892.

We use natural fruit flavors and paired them with each herb. We experimented and curated each herb-flavor pairing so you don’t have to.

Like a membership, our subscription includes benefits such as starter kit, periodic reviews, and discounted price. Like a herbalist visit, it helps you form a new health routine.

We have a 30-day risk-free guarantee on all subscriptions. If you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime and email for a full refund.

Week 1-2: Take 2 gummies of each herb daily for the first 2 weeks.
Week 3-4: Take 1 gummy of each herb daily for following 2 weeks.

Each serving of gummies contains 3g of sugar - equivalent to one-fifth of a banana.

We do not recommend taking Reprise gummies and your prescription medications at the same time. We recommend always speaking with your healthcare provider prior to mixing any dietary supplements.